Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alhambra's treasures

Up early and off on a bus tour of Alhambra, many olive trees along the way, a few scattered sunflowers ready to be harvested. We had a great guide named Grace, then Fernando who guided us around Alhambra. So much to see again, a true visual sensory overload.
Thank heavens for comfy shoes, those cobblestones are hard to walk on.
Just noticed that my fingernails are growing! That's cause I am not washing my hands lots as I usually do at work.
Wall decoration

How wonderful is this?

Part of the beautiful garden

My travelling companion, always looking at life through his lens!

Wow, even more!

A fantastic ceiling, so much opulence

That's Alhambra! Later on we had lovely wine and tapas, getting good at ordering in Spanish!

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