Thursday, December 15, 2011

A quarter of a metre is 25 cm not 30 cm!

How to be irritated by a shop worker.
My daughter  (16) has been making dear little pencil cases lined with felt, so we went ot the local habedashery to get some from a roll rather than small squares. The sales person argued with me when I asked for  1/4 of a metre of each. Do you really mean  30 cm or 25 cm, "no I asked for a 1/4 metre- that means 25 cm", are you sure ? she asked as some people say 1/4 and mean 30 cm!!! She continued to argue and check if I knew what I was talking about!
I had just got out of bed from a night shift sleep on my 9th day straight and need to go back to work again tonight so I was not in the mood for any discussion, just wanted to make my purchase so she can pay her wages and rent.
At least at Spotty they don't argue about what you are trying to buy.
Serves me right for shopping locally.
pencil case
new felt and zips
 The new felt is bright and some funky coloured zips. But when mum says don't cut the end off the zip she says it for a reason! its really hard to rethread a zip.
So wonderful to hear the sewing machine humming away, my sons girlfriend has been madly sewing dresses and skirts too which is lovely. He is even knitting!

I am determined to get the quilt top  previously pictured put together this week ready for quitling in the new year.


  1. Love the pencil cases - very cute and I was thinking about them being the perfect size for more than pencils ... travelling sewing kit, keeping things organised in the bigger hand bag (I'd need about 10 of them ...)

  2. Thanks Ali, the tutorial for the purse is on a blog 'sweet verbena', she has quite a few tutorials so my daughter says!

  3. Can picture you getting stroppy with the stupid woman!!