Saturday, December 24, 2011


Halfway through my holiday I have relaxed enough to be inspired to sew!
I am madly trying to finish a quilt for my friend that was a demo quit at the last QQ quilt show, and also trying to be inspired to get an art quilt done for the 2QAQ SoTA exhibition. There are other things on the list but some things have deadlines. QQ Challenge is one of them.... almost started- have done lots of drawings.

The inspiraton has come for the SoTA quilt- one I had started  already! I have marked some quilting lines, found the back fabric, bought the batt- and have pinned it ready to quilt. It's amazing what can be achieved with both kids at work and a husband at his cellar...
Gone with the Wind is on TV- can't get that channel in my sewing room alas - so its head down and hard at work.

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