Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making a gift

xmas decoration

One if the most satisfying things about Christmas is not going to the busy shops and trying to find a car park then jostling with the crowds - its staying home in your quiet sewing room and calmly sewing a hand made gift. I have made some lovely rustic hanging decorations - layered felt and bright fabrics, stitched, a second hand button in the middle and then joined at the back with some ribbon. For the picture I curled it around, but it has a loop at the top to hang and is 5-6 stars long.
I have made something else but will not post a pic till after xmas as it's a secret.

labels for xmas biscuits
These are the labels for the other gifts we are making- jars with cookie mix- just add eggs and butter and cook. A nice gift for the families coming to xmas dinner. Isabel has been madly doing the labels and instructions on the computer - at last something constructive to do. Shame the kids of today are so bored!

I found a link to this site
on another blog - well worth a look, some fantastically fun installations - not sure if I could get away with it at my own home! Interestingly after lunch yesterday we found some cushions with quilted designs not unlike some of the drawn ones on this web page, but they were only cushions not whole walls and floors- scroll down her site to see some fun whole floors and rooms.

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