Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Liberating Time

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Usually when I am on holidays from work I do not wear a watch, much of what I do at work needs to be timed, or have the time written. When a baby is born every body wants to know the 'time of birth'. Documentation must be timed.
It is very liberating not to know the time, to do what I want, eat when I am hungry. The teenagers are hungry all the time so unless they are all hungry at once it really isn't a problem, but I do come unstuck sometimes and get carried away with something like quilting, reading or just watching a good movie. A whole day can just slip by and I can achieve more than I ever thought possible -or  without much being done at all.
Its all or nothing sometimes!

almost finished
I indulged in a christmas treat for myself this year at the craft show- a panel of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" I have made it into a banner, almost finished- just another last minute  thing to do.

Now what about cocktails for xmas lunch?
Table decorations?
Do I have enough food for the 19 people coming for lunch? pudding boiled and ready to heat - will make some brandy butter- the hard variety - which I have discovered lately is not as common as I once thought.
Off to the supermarket for me,  few last minute things to get and I can relax and sew. Oh and of course the gym to wear it all off before I eat it!

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