Friday, December 2, 2011

If I sew faster will the thread last longer?

This is a block from a friends quilt, there are 9 blocks each side, the front is girly and pink, and the back is blue and nautical. The quilting on the front in each larger square is a flower, which corresponds with the sashing on the back, so the blue thread on the back makes a nice pattern too instead of being random. I only had a little of the darker pink thread, and I kept quilting faster and faster to hopefully make the thread last longer-  it doesn't really work-  but it did today!

The  octopus looks a bit sneaky peeking out of the corner.

The raffle quilt is coming along slowly, I  have added some red blocks and have several more ready to sew the last seam on and a few blocks with yellow, as these are the College colours. Notice how College had a capital C, must have learnt something along the way in all my correspondence!
Theres a new fabric shop in the city, off today to check it out. Might be only dress fabric, but you never know.

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