Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas muffins

Thanks to an extremely generous friend I have ben awoken today at 5am! with a mery christmas text....
up early when the kids are asleep - what is the matter with them? they are both exhausted from working all week while I have been on holidays. No early excitement for Santa at this house today.
I have been Nigella like and made her xmas morning muffins ready for breakfast - in  my pyjamas.
nigellas xmas morning muffins before cooking
Also pleased to announce that I have started to quilt my SoTA piece yesterday.

back of art quilt
Suppose this is not the time to notice that the oven needs a clean? 19 people for lunch - oh well it will almost be all BBQ anyway.

Merry Christmas, hope the day is cheerful and full of friends, family and fun.

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  1. Boxing Day push along to get SotAQ12 finished ... barely started but love the back of yours - love those spots! Hope you and the 19 had a great day together.