Friday, August 9, 2013

Almost finished

I am on the downhill stretch to get one of my quilts finished before the deadline for entries and a trip to Spain and France.
It is half quilted, so I think I am good! although time does go fast when you are working almost fulltime. Just need to be dedicated and not waste time.
This is the back, well some of it!
I am using the Fons and Porter quilting gloves- blue ones for grip, they are almost worn out, but am finding them a good product for extra grip, and I must say the wool batting is lovely to work with.
The question is do I need some hand stitching for my holiday or not? this quilt was my hand stitching and now I am at the quilting stage.... hmmm to be considered.

I am delighted this week to have one of my quilts as a project in Down Under Quilts, it is on the front cover and all! also I have a picture of my recent Queensland Quilters challenge winning quilt too- very happy indeed.
  The quilt belongs to my son, and is a bright colourful boys quilt. We are both a bit chuffed to have our quilt feature on the front cover.

 A little light reading, some new books I ordered recently. Some seriousness and some fun!
More light reading, my Spanish is woeful, my French marginally better, oh well I will just have to point and hope! Still planning what to see, there is so much, and we only have a limited time. Will unfortunately miss the European Quilt exhibition in Alsace as we are just too far away, and have such a short time. Oh well another year.

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  1. Congrats on the magazine article - love it! France & Spain - how wonderful!