Thursday, August 29, 2013

Musee Sorolla and some tapas

Today we had a very busy day, foot  weary after a big day yesterday- where we managed the wonderful park and the interesting Prado museum, we caught the train to the Musee Sorolla as advised by our son who was in Madrid a few weeks ago. We managed the metro easily and a short walk and we were there. A lovely garden - which I would be happy to own and. a house full of paintings and artworks, he was known as the -painter of light- well worth the trip. Almost better than the Prado- a little art overload!
Then another metro trip to the soccer stadium, decided not to do very expensive self tour so we made our way back to the Palacio Real.
How magnificent, the armoury was my favourite, shame I didn't take pencil and paper to draw some of the exquisite designs etched on that wonderful armour. No photos allowed which was a shame as my memory can't do what it used to!
The palace was of course overwhelmingly beautiful, so much opulence and design- design overload, ceramic walls, painted ceilings- my poor neck...
Then a short siesta- much needed. We braved the local supermarket again- just fascinating - and bought muesli bars and water for the trip to Toledo.
A trip to a local tapas bar for some much needed food and wine, didn't try the sea urchins, although the rest was yummy...
Wandered the streets - fun and tiring.
Off to Toledo today on an organised tour, 40% chance of rain, hopefully not.

Decorated chair
Grate design
Water tap in street

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