Monday, July 22, 2013

A little unknitting

As opposed to unquilting, unknitting is what is needed for this wrap. The pattern was not quite right from the start, the needle size as far too small and I felt this was OK when I finally got a size I was happy with. Of course I should have used a much larger size to get  a lacier pattern, but of course, it isn't, although it is not blocked yet. I did change to a larger needle as suggested for the garter stitch, but it is not big enough- as in my shoulders are too wide! 
 To make sure I am happy I am going to undo it- again - not quite to the end though! this is not the first time I have unknitted it.... A little frustrating, but I like it and if it is right I will wear it.
 Yesterday I went to the Coorparoo Quilters quilt show, it was lovely to see so many friends, I was a member  a few year ago, might try to go back next year.
There were some lovely quilts, some inspiring scrappy hidden nine patches too.
I made this small block as instructed by Jane G, it was fun to have a small make and take and inspire table- thanks Jane.

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