Friday, August 23, 2013

A little holiday

 Sewing machine packed- well covered from the ever present dust. It will be ready when I get back for some serious sewing.
 Quilts folded ready to deliver for the quilt show- when I get back from Paris- I had a lot of trouble with the on-line applications, in the end printed off the entry forms and posted then- lets hope Australia Post comes good.
 Suitcase almost packed, its going to be hot in Spain, so I won't need too many clothes, a small variety of layers! plus room for new clothes...
My knitted shawl, almost done too, might leave this one at home.

This now comes to the pressing question- now that my knitting is all but done and my hand sewing finished- what do I take with me for hand work? I could always buy some new wool and make some lacy Spanish concoction- in Spain- I am sure the selection of wool will be enticing, not sure about the instructions though, or prepare some hand applique today or tomorrow. I find it hard to sit and do nothing, especially on long train trips. I can knit and look out the windows, reading gets me too absorbed, and I will read till the book is finished, often long into the night.

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