Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day in Madrid

Here we are, safely in Madrid, a very long flight or 2. Managed the local metro, showered then off to see the sights. So many shoe shops! Might need a bigger bag!
Several craft and knitting shops nearby, interesting.
Its quite overcast now today, so maybe no sunburn for us,but a siesta when it gets hot will be the thing. Our hotel is amazingly central which is wonderful.

Plaza Mayor, early in the ,morning, breakfast by pointing to  pictures!  good speedy service.
Peter already taking lots of pics. I just wander round the shops and buildings while he adjusts his camera lens!
Off to the parque del retiro for a wander.....


  1. Yippee. Loving it already. Immersion works.

  2. Looking forward to following your trip, Jane - keep on bloggin'!!!!

  3. Looking forward to following you.