Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rubbings and other things

Last weekend a group of us did some rubbings in a neighbouring suburb, actually the suburb where I work, but never visit unless I am at work.
Kate did a map and off we went, it was hot, there was a lot of chatter and catching up along the way, lots of lovely art and some fun footpath art to look at and rub- that is use iol paint sticks over fabric.
It was interesing to see how Sue - who was giving us tips - worked and look at what others were seeing.
We ended up at the pub for a very nice lunch.
Then at the local patchwork shop where the art group was having a meeting- and an interesting 'show and tell' a bonus.

part of a fountain

Merody starting her rubbing
I plan to use these pieces for background, but have discovered that the driveway of our home has the right sortof texture to give a great look when rubbed! no need to even leave home. This was  great day and we found lots of art in the street to inspire us!
Might have to go back on a not so hot day.

Off to celebrate the wedding anniversary with my lovely husband of 26 years.
tiled surface

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  1. What a great day - in spiteof the heat - love the fountain for rubbing - and hope you had a happy anniversary.