Friday, February 10, 2012


After a number of rejects I have got one block I am happy with, none of these pictures, but they will come in handy for something one day. Maybe cushions with some machine quilting practice on.
 Some hand buttonhole is required, I learnt that there is button hole with a locking type finish and another stitch very similar, now I have it in my head I am OK. Hand stitching is relaxing, but I have seen some brilliant fine exquisite hand buttonhole done by a friend in Hobart many years ago, and am having trouble trying to mtch her standard. Oh well, maybe by the end I will. One strand of DMC gives a good look to my eye. Its hard to keep it even.
sample hand buttonhole
 Pavlova made by my 17 yr old daughter and decorated by her cousin, this is before the lashings of passionfruit went on! yum.

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