Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This is the finsihed article, at last. It is being valued as I type, before being raffled for the school Wetlands Festival, which is  essentially the school fair.
The picture shows my son and I holding it up, no time for  a hanger yet!, I cannot seem to be able to crop it in the program that keeps coming up, however, this tells more of a story, I am all dressed up to go and chair my last P&F meeting as President, I came home from that meeting- unemployed as a volunteer president.

It was a great thing to do, I really enjoyed it, met lots of lovely people, learnt some new skills, and had a mostly fun time. But now it is time for a change.

Last weekend I participated in the Queensland Quilters Teacher Accreditation program, a quiet weekend after a busy week at work. It was interesting to see that all those basic skills I learnt in 1983 - 1985 are all still current as a good basic grounding in all things that are important when drafting, hand piecing and quilting etc.

Now to do the homework...

And to get some of my own quilts finished - (and started) for the October quilt show

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  1. Looks great, Jane. Like the off-centre arrangement.