Thursday, February 9, 2012


I am a fastidious person and can make patchwork blocks accurately almost anytime, except this week when I need to make one, that reads one block machine pieced to a specific size for a teacher accreditation course I am doing. I actually have to make 6 blocks in all but have come undone at the first.  I have made 2 - lucky cushion recipient, and they are 1/8 " out. Not happy Jane. Make it 3 blocks now, the 3rd did not have anough colour variation in it!
I always choose from the heart and what makes me tingle, now I am trying to make some 'beginner ' blocks and my heart is not tingling.

So off I go again, I am doing a different block each time to relieve the boredom, and they are so flat and sqaure and have real triangles, someting I am pretty proud of- but they are a smidge too small.
Luckily I have anough magazines and books to make research a fun thing to do.

QQ challenge fabric
This is the Queensland QUilters challenge fabric, I am having much more success with this, it took a bit of dreaming and thinking - but it is singing with delight and fun and whimsy.
Just need to get it finished. Like all my projects.

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  1. Could not have put it better myself - personally on a score of 0/6!!! Love your buttonhole stitch - it looks beautiful.