Thursday, February 16, 2012

The perfect bag

I had a little wander up Oxford street at Bulimba last week, looking in windows where I could not afford, and wandering in where I could- this was found in the over stocked 2nd hand shop, it was $8, just needs a small repair of wire on the handle, but it is perfect for me.
Madly hand stitching some blocks for my assessment pieces, ho hum, but I love the hand applique, so am bombing along on that one now I have finished the buttonhole block.
Went to a local patchwork shop to look for a cot size pack of either Hobbs or Mountain Mist polyester batting for the hand quilted block- as this is the best to use and I can make about 4 cushions out of the one piece- the newish assistant didn't even know what I was talking about...needless to say I need to go to another shop !

Playing nurse to my son who has had his wisdom teeth out today, ice cream, jelly and panadol.

Happy to have my raffle quilt finished, will put a hanging sleeve and label on it and then I can start in earnest on the next big quilt adventure.


  1. Love the colour of the bag and all those beads!!

  2. Adorable bag and if get tired of using it that way you can use all those beads on your quilts!!!
    I hope you next "adventure" is the Around the world quilt!!!