Saturday, December 29, 2012

December challenge - just made it!

This is a piece of hand dyed fabric- Oz Dye in fact!
It lends itself to this design, even though  the centre is not done yet. Unfortunately the colour is a bit off, the top one is the best representation. I have taken to using 2 layers of batting lately, it does give better puff/loft, this one is a polyester, and even though is a bit stiff, I like the effect.
I did find that as I had no seams a few straight lines along the borders made a difference to the final effect.
The thread is a mixture of polyester variegated and Wonderfil. I am off for a few days to the beach, on the way back will stop at Ikea for new cushion inserts so I can use it.

I have had such fun with this challenge, will try to post the whole years work when I return. Thanks Sew Cal Gal for the inspiration!!


  1. The whole piece is beautiful, but I especially love your feathers. They flow so freely and looks gorgeous. You are obviously very comfortable making them. Nice job!

  2. You did a lovely job on this; I love how it came out.