Monday, January 7, 2013


We had a lovely few days at Lennox Heads, one day my husband played golf at Byron Bay, the golf course is lovely and green, many large trees, with a fantastic array of fallen leaves on the course for me to pick up.
If blogger would allow me to attach the pictures you could see them!

Hopefully they will be inspiration for a new quilt....

I have been trying hard to get my Queensland Quilters challenge piece done, just pieced the back, now to quilt it then add more applique.
There are many tiny remnants of the challenge fabric, can't justify to throw any out - just in case.
It makes me think outside the box, I really enjoy challenges, but what does one do with all these small quilts made with fabric that you would not ordinarily buy? mostly they are wall hangings. Good for gifts I suppose.

2 days off work to do some serious sewing and get my ......painful tooth fixed..... lets hope it gets better soon, might have to spend the holiday money on dentist fees.


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  1. Ouch - hope you have your tooth fixed quickly. I have just finished my 2Q Challenge quilt and also have many tiny pieces left.