Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back to work!

After 3 weeks overseas with my daughter, and a very busy first week back at work, I have succumbed to germs, there are worse things to bring back from France than a midle ear infection, although it is not pleasant- hope the drugs keep on doing miraculous things.
On the quilting front- nothing much is happening, in my absence my lovely husband tidied my sewing room! he mostly just put things in boxes, I knew where almost everything was before, now I have to wade through boxes to find things....... I suppose he thought that he was helping.... but it needed a few things to be thrown out, so now I have to go through his boxes and find things....... not overly happy with that.

my sewing table- a mess!
I have many projects to finish and some to start. The Queensland Quilters have revised the deadline for next years exhibition, it is a bit earlier, and I have grand plans for another overseas holiday, with my husband this time. So it will be head down soon to get onto some serious sewing.

QQ challenge fabric- waiting for inspiration to grab me!

I have the Sew Cal Gal December challenge to start, and of course it is christmas- so they say! The boxes of tree and decorations have surfaced, it is the 19th of December, so I suppose we could open the boxes and see whats there...

xmas decorations ready...
I spent a lot of time looking up during my holiday, lots of fantastic ceiings and wrought iron work, so inspiring, maybe some quilting designs to be made, this is one in Paris.

This is one of the best meals I had overseas, it was in Nice, the jar had a layer of shredded duck, hot mashed potato then caramelised red onions on top, a nice salad, baked cherry tomatoes and a curry flavoured pastry - of course a glass fo wine to help it all go down, the presentation was great, all served on a tile!

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