Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ho Ho its Christmas

hand made xmas tree decorations - sorry its blurred
Hmmm, Christmas can be a strange time, family, friends and work - for those of us fortunate or unfortunate enough to have a job that needs to be done 365 days a year. These days it is mostly friends that keep us sane and happy at this time as family live a distance away and I have a job that requires one to work  some xmas days(I did have last year off). A few lovely dinners and lunches with friends last week- good times. a lovely xmas lunch with friends and then extended family xmas dinner which was nice, they don't mind if I sleep on the couch as I have been at work since 7am!
Working with people who you would otherwise not spend much social time with, at what is traditionally a 'family' time is special, we share the good times and the not so good, we share - food, fun, workloads.
I am priviledged to work with such fine people.  
A good, if not interesting day was had by all.
I have been inspired by Peters aunt, she is a quilter and provided me with just what I needed before I slipped into uncounsciousness on the couch on xmas day (it was 8pm).
QQ challenge I am prepared! no showing as it is a secret.

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