Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thread size vs fabric vs design scale

The August Sew Cal Gal challenge, done in a bit of a hurry, this is almost a perosnal signature design, a little hard to replicate, but can be made your own with a little tweaking. I like the swirling lines and the peaks, unexpected in their irregularity, but regular enough for repetition.
I used a 100 wt Invisafil thread on a heavier fabric, the scale of the design is not pleasing to me due to the heaviness of the fabric and the scale of the design. It can be remedied by a thicker thread, or a more delicate design scale.
On a more productive note, I have one quilt almost quilted (2 1/2 small borders to do), another has been blocked and ready to face, and the applique nearly finished on another.
However I need to go to paid employment for a few night shifts- then 3 days off- hopefully to sew like crazy!

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