Monday, August 27, 2012

Sneak peek at a madwoman's life

 The quilt exhibition entires are due this week, I have one more month to get them finished. All four to be precise, all at different levels of being finished.
The first pic is the 2m x 2m quilt top almost ready to be sandwiched- then quilted.
It will be done, not entirely sure how I am going to quilt it, but it talks to me when we are together so I think it will be OK.
We have 2 birthdays in the next weeks, my husband's , then one with a 0 and a 5 for me, so a bit of celebrating and a lot of quilting. A lot of quilting- what do I want for my birthday?- endless days to quilt and not other stuff -like housework, paid employment which is a bit of a nuisance at times- new parents- "the midwife cannot teach you everything you need to know in a 2 day hospital stay- do your research before you have the baby!!"
This is a blurred sneak peek at another piece that is almost done, I am queen of the last minute and will use my time wisely- going to the gym amid the chaos to loosen the shoulders and free the mind.

Off to quilt-.....

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