Thursday, August 9, 2012

A commendation

I had a lovely letter in the post - this quilt has won a commendation at the local show- that is an agricultural show! in Brisbane it is called the EKKA- short for exhibition- a lot of words are abbreviated in Queensland - not sure exactly why - 'ekka' is as long a word as 'show'. Never mind, its a show where other quilters who are not necessarily member so the QQ enter their work.  So a different group of entrants and judges makes it interesting.
I am off on Monday to do Quilt Hostess so will be able to see all the winners.

Now to work on this years QQ quilts- so little time and so much to do.
Work- that is paid work gets in the way...we did have a record number  of babies on my night shift earlier this week, so I have earned a rest I think- or maybe not- bck on night shift tonight- lucky I have a bag of red frogs in my bag to keep me going!