Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A new age

Now that I have had a milestone birthday maybe I will be taken seriously! hopefully not though, as life is meant to be fun, when the fun is gone what is left?
The quilt exhibition delivery date is 3 weeks away, I have 2 quilts bound and with hangers sewn on, no labels yet- maybe today. One large and one small quilt almost finished quilting- well not really....
A whole day off to sew , go to the gym, cook meals, wash etc. But the quilting comes first. A little stretch at the clothes line in between sewing is good for the back.
The back of one of my entires
A samlping of mahine quilting, doesn't the green thread look great.
 Is also exam block week for my daughter, so we are both heads down, bum up madly working at home today.
I have had some lovely and generous gifts for my big birthday which had a 5 and an 0 in it. Lots of vouchers for lovely books to buy!!!
And a treat or two along the way with a  massage, lucky me.

Flowers from friends and my work colleagues- a sideways picture.

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  1. Happy 5 and 0 birthday. Hope you celebrated in a big way. Spending book vouchers will be a lot of fun.
    I agree, the green quilting does look great but so do the feathers.