Friday, April 27, 2012

Free Motion Quilting - a new way of marking

There appears to be some changes with blogger! I have a  new page to work my way around....Oh well, I will try my best.
This months Sew Cal Gal work is set by a male quilter -Don Linn, he has a really easy and quick way of marking an intricate pattern or for marking an already basted quilt top, I usually use cheap kitchen paper and sew through the paper. This new way is to mark some netting and then use that as the base template to mark with either chalk - I fail to see the point of any of the wash out/ fade or iron out markers. I use chalk - almost always and it rubs off if I change my mind- which I do often!
This is a piece of brown silk and I used Don's pattern. The thread is Wonderfil- a pale pink variegated cotton.
yellow chalk line ready to quilt

Hmmm, a little boring with only one line round the whole design, maybe it needs jazzing up a little with a second line.
Of course a great improvement - see below.
I noticed that one of the other participants had done some lovely fill patterns around hers in a grid style pattern, maybe soon..
This is a good way to work, no paper pattern to remove and it can be as big or as little and the design can be repeated many times and will be still the same. Placement is easy as the net is see through and can be marked with seam or reference points for easy placement.
I have been madly working - at work, pleased to have a day off to sew today, doing curved seams has almost done my head in but I"m almost done, might just applique the next border on for my own sanity!!! The problem with drawing the pattern from scratch is that it has to be perfect and the only person to blame if its not is myself- not a pattern company.

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  1. Tienes razón, se ve mucho mejor con un eco. Es el primero que veo en color oscuro todas lo hemos hecho en telas blancas o claritas. Muy bien.