Thursday, April 19, 2012

Priorities and the year 12 formal

Should I start a new quilt with the ideas bouncing around in my head? or finish the pieces already started?
A whole 2 days almost to quilt, so must get moving.
Shame I am a bit tired from work, oh well, the only bonus of getting no time for a drink on a busy shift is that you don't need to go to the toilet- there is no time for that!
Lots of time saving going off to sew

Such decisions, there is a theme again for this years QQ exhibition- 9 Patch, I have some ideas and have started sort of, but not quite sure so here is a sneak preview of a discarded block - above.
The lovely Jane Sassaman fabric left is calling, just sitting waiting for a wonderful qult to be made with it.

The hanging parcel is quite happy, the colours are running a bit which is lovely to see, we have had some rain- bad for laundry but good for art work out in the elements!
hanging with the beans
formal shoes at the ready
The year 12 formal is this weekend, what a prerformance! shoes, dress, hair, makeup, pre formal do and post formal function, shame the formal itself takes up so much valuable time! When I was a girl, my mother made the dress and a neighbour drove me with his son to save petrol, no limousine there. no pre or post  functions either. maybe its a sign of age. mine

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