Friday, May 4, 2012

Goals and inspiration

OK, now to some serious work! My goals is to get something finished, actually several somethings finished for this show, its nearly October in my head, and I am queen of the last minute usually, so I am determined to get work done early- or not.
 My raw ingredients (looking a bit bland without the zinger fabric thrown in) are on the wall- begging to be cut and stitched back together, I have dreamt about this quilt for several weeks now, and occasionally have a brilliant idea, it is all coming together nicely, I did treat myself to some new fabric yesterday after a particularly busy week at work. Ready to get the borders done -after picking up a few things about the house in preparation for the cleaning lady today.
Raw ingredients
 I am inspired by these ladies and their work- bright and colourful.
Its all about shape and colour for me.

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