Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dad, Mums gone mad!

OK yes , I have a little. what a lovely daughter I have.
bundles made and ready to hang
I have made some (3) bundles of stuff, paper, fabric etc hang in a tree, 2. to put into the ground and 3. give to a friend to hang at the Botanic Gardens as part of her Artist in Residence. Not quite sure if I have done it right and they are a bit thin as my muse has left the building...just trying to get by and create in a non creative phase of my life.

Perhaps my sewing machine will be more friendly if I can get past the loads of wet laundry to it.

ready to bury in the ground

hanging amongst the beans- sideways..

with a little bundle at the bottom, ready for the gardens

in the ocean at Wooyung beach
We went camping, the beach was fantastic- I did swim in the ocean - so free and warm. Shame we didn't have our boogie board. The rip was a bit strong though.
We got a bit swamped by lots of rain and came home a day early....the farmers market at Mullumbimby was great, bought some yummy food, good coffee and cheese. Just using the lime satay marinade for dinner tonight (chicken). My daughter knows not to take any free cookies at these markets!
Went to a lovely and inspiring weaving exhibition at Brunswick heads, the large pieces were fantastic- way to big to fit in the car, a whole large leaf woven into itself- as tall as I am.

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