Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winners and losers

I did have a little win at the Melbourne Cup luncheon, 2nd in a sweep, otherwise Tattersalls did well out of me. Here is me getting ready, with Suzannes hat, a little askew, but it was then adjusted, its hard to take photos of yourself! The colour was not quite right but the green scarf looked good with my dress. Alas, the Principal and her colleagues did not vote for me for 'best hat'!

The next picture is a postcard I am making to send to one of the sponsors of my prize last week. Its nice to send a hand made (machine quilted) card, no more trouble and a bit personal.
Just got to get rid of the champagne in my system to write straight on the back of it!
The postcard is resting on a rather fat book I am doing some research from for next years quilt show-  the theme is 'nine patch' - so many ideas,but willl need to settle to one soon.
I am determined to be ready and early with next years pieces......

Famous last words, I am the queen of the last minute.

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