Sunday, November 6, 2011

Design Inspiration

I have found inspiration in several odd places recently, today at Pilates while lying face down on a very old towel,( it was a wedding present 25 years ago!)I found that it had a great design, just perfect for machine quilting, the class couldn't finish fast enough for me to get home and draw it!
Then last week at a friends house I salvaged a paper napkin with a really nice pattern, my friends often covet paper napkins and would rather wipe their dirty faces/ hands on their clothes just to save the napkin to take home. In fact I think they search for the perfect napkins to buy, and just ignore the plain ones.
design from towel

paper napkin
I must admit I like walking round either looking up at old buildings or down to the footpath, a good way to trip up and fall over..... all in the search for inspiraton.


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