Thursday, November 10, 2011


postcard 4" x 3 "
I needed some postcards to give as gifts next week, also a small quilt for a lovely friend. Postcards are easy and can help to get some designs sorted out, colour choices sorted and are useful at the end.
A machine quilted postcard is a lovely personal gift as  a thankyou card, and I often make them instead of buying cards.

card 4" x 6 "

quilt on canvas 8" x 10"

The quilt mounted on the canvas is a lovely gift, I really like making these, there is no edge to bind and they can be hung as is, not like a cushion that everybody will sit on.
At this time of year when people are searching for that innovative gift, I feel I have found the right ones, even the small 3" x 4" cards can be used as xmas tree decorations.
Simple but effective


  1. They look great Jane. Love the thread on the green postcard - what is it?

  2. Jan, its a lovely shiny one, can't see a name on it, probably from a craft fair. It is nicely variegated and fun!

  3. These are fantastic Jane - just beautiful