Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Days to not sew!

Today is one of those awful days -worked night shift last night and not sure if its morning or night!
should have cropped to picture , but they look crisp and fresh!

I have pieced one block 3 times, the first 2 blocks were OK then the 3rd which was the reverse was a total disaster. Its for a raffle quilt for the school fair next year, thought I would get in early and be prepared. There will be some coloured blocks too, but mainly blue and cream, crisp and bright.

The pink and blue is the quilt belong to my friend Michelle, not exactly my colours, this is the quilt I have been doing the machine quilting demo on at the Quilt Exhibition last week. The corner blocks I am very happy with, the border too. The thread is Wonderfil, 50 weight and has been quilting like a dream. You can buy it via mail order from Melbourne now, although I have enough to do a few more quilts now! So lovely to find great thread in great colours.
corner block

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