Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Job list

I can do a lot of time wasting or relaxing if you call it that, doing not much at all, lately I have been putting my skills to finishing this very small1000 piece jigsaw puzzle! such fun - just one more piece! Now it is done - hooray, the pieces are very small.

sample size of pieces, I could hardly pick them up!


I am making a list  (and checking it twice) of pieces that I feel I need to get finished within the next year. In the past I have made similar lists and they have been a reminder, this one must be adhered to because I do not want to waste time ......

Not in any particular order-
1. hand appliqued hawaiian blocks - 3  or 4 to go
2. hand quilted quilt - border to go  - is there a theme emerging here?
3. Quilt for school as promised for the raffle next year.
4 Jane Sassaman inspired quilts to be finished x 2
5. quilt for husband for a weding gift - we have been married 25 years.
6. Art quilt - another place - small
7. Art quilt for 2QAQ-  largeish
8. hand applequied blocks to be opt together and quilted
9. I am sure there is someting to be finished lurking in the cupboard unfinished and forgotten
10. Start a new quilt!

 These are fun wooden stamps my daughter and I bought at Brunswick Heads last weekend, such a lovely relaxing time, might get to play with the stamps in the next few days off work.


  1. Jane, do you know when the deadline for the next State of the Art quilt is? No one seems to be able to tell me...
    Love your stamps!

  2. I love doing jigsaws - but I have never seen one with such small pieces.