Thursday, October 13, 2011

Almost ready

Almost ready for thequilt show demo, some vein lines drawn on, other drawings at the ready,  the centre quilted in preparation. A plan has been hatched.
Shame I have very little pink thread, oh dear might have to go and buy some more!
The blue thread I have looks sort of OK but I know that a deep pink will look better.
partially quilted
quilted, ready to remove paper

 I traced the pattern on cheap kitchen paper, pinned it on and then stitched through. It is an easy no mark system - till you have to remove the paper, the cheaper the paper the better! When it is crinkled it usually tears on the seam lines, not distorting the stitches.
Interestingly, M and I pinned the quilt together and you can tell which part I pinned, pins closer together, and as I was vaguely thinking of a quilting design, it is pinned quite differently on each side.
paper removed

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