Saturday, August 26, 2017

Stitching time this week

I got really excited and finished the baby quilt, and made I have had some good stitching time this week, starting work at 1045 pm gives me a nice time in the evenings when the house is quiet and I can concentrate. Its a bit annoying to go to paid work just when you are getting stuck into the work at home, but this is what pays the bills.

I made 6 farmers wife blocks, and started 2 challenge quilts.

Above is the block which I was not excited by, however I am determined to make every block in order in the book, so it is done.

 This little block has been restitched, I must have not looked carefully the first time.
 Some fun with spots! this might be the inspiration to start another improv piece, these blocks are fun and easy to make, and I have lots of scraps and small pieces, the pile does not go down much after sorting and using some though!

The baby quilt is done, good for a floor mat or a bed!
A before quilting shot and then after quilting, this was fun and easy to make, the arrow blocks are 10 inches.

.The lighting is not brilliant, but it does show up the quilting, spirals and hearts.

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