Saturday, March 4, 2017

Measure twice, cut once!- or abandon that block!

With so many deadlines approaching, I have found it difficult to continue with some projects- working 4 days a week and trying to complete projects is quite exhausting!
I have so many ideas floating around in my head, that its really hard to not start new projects.....
My piece for the AQC challenge has been accepted into the first round, which I am really happy about. 
Another challenge in progress is not so nice looking. I must keep reminding myself that I am a midwife - not a trained artist ) I have other skills!), that it takes time to make good art.

oh well- back to the Farmers Wife!
A lovely block with fun fabrics.
My weekly Art Project is moving along nicely.The Farmers Wife got a lift yesterday with 4 blocks being pieced. One of them was not right, way too many triangles and silly little pieces. Then I used Basting spray instead of spray starch! The ironing board cover is now washed, and I can start again. However some blocks need to be put aside and maybe never made again!

 This was fun too, I am not sure about my fabric choices, but that is half the fun, choosing different combinations to see how they end up! Too many prints?

 Simple, yet striking.
 This is the misfit, the triangles were small, and I should have  been a little more careful- both with cutting and stitching.- one to remake at a later date..... perhaps.

 I have been dabbling with some vintage linens, this satin is too soft and slippery and was difficult to mark, however I am continuing- note to self- buy (or scrounge from friends) heavier satin! The background stencil is from Cindy Needham- Ultimate Backgrounds- its a wavy line crosshatch. I am trying them out as class samples and as a library for my own research.
 Starting the background
 Half stitched!

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  1. Hi Jane, gorgeous quilting! I was wondering if it might help to stabilise the satin with a soft iron on vilene? I've been using radiance lately which is a silk/ cotton blend, and the only way to get that to stay still for marking and stitching is with the vilene. Don't know if it will work for you, but could be worth playing around with. Good luck!