Sunday, March 12, 2017

A little starch and a steady seam allowance!

The whole business of doing this project is making sure the seam allowances are accurate with such small fiddly pieces. My can of spray starch is doing well to hold the pieces firm to stop any small distortion.
The other thing is that I am working my way through the book, from 1 to 111. The easy choice of making the blocks that I like is not for me this time. I am making then whether I like them or not!
Some blocks are a pleasure to make, some not so. I am only using the red fabrics, I am finding it is interesting to see how the different reds play together. 
Who knew there were so many reds?

Week 9, some fun with the plaid and striped fabrics!

 My other project this week is a ruler work sampler using my Bernina Q20. 
This is a really thick slubby silk, it is a little heavy to move through the machine accurately, I am using the Supreme Slider and the manual mode.
So far so good!

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  1. Great work Jane I am enjoying seeing your weekly blocks.