Sunday, February 26, 2017

A week of finishes

I am trying hard to not start any new projects!

 famous last words!

However, I have finished 3 pieces this week which I am really happy about.

1. My piece for the AQC Flora and fauna challenge has got past the first round of jurying, I have put the label and velcro hanging strips on yesterday, it is ready to be posted tomorrow.

2. I have finished a quilt for a magazine article, it took a little longer than I thought, but I am really happy with the finish and am pleased I didn't rush it.

 A sneak peek at the back.

3. I have finished quilting a small piece for Bernina. More fun than function, I really enjoyed using the Bernina rulers and some fun thread.


I have pieced 2 more Farmers Wife blocks. 
A little spray starch goes a long way with these small pieces!

While this looks odd, it is how the pattern was shown!

 I have been enjoying being a little random with my fabric selection, obviously light and darks, but putting together different combinations of prints is quite liberating.

I have also had the pleasure of teaching some machine quilting classes, its fantastic when someone who has never done any free motion before just 'gets it!'
So much fun to teach an enthusiastic crowd!

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