Saturday, May 21, 2016

Making my mark

 Continuing on with my project of documenting the 'making of a quilt', I have taken some images of mark making, some hand stitching and some machine stitching.
Hand stitching is relaxing, these are Ali's pieces, using silk, they are very tactile, and soft.
                                                            Close up of hand stitching
 Same piece as above, not so close!
 Cream, soft and supple
 slightly coloured, loving the pink, it just adds some luxury!
My own favourite skirt, hand stitched to hold it together for just a bit longer!

A lovely little bird, designed by Ali and Rebecca. Hand stitched by me.
Hand stitching on tea bags, they are used, then dried, and torn then stitched down. 
A lovely soft and interesting tactile surface to stitch.
My tools of the trade, my favourite Bernina feet

Some machine texture on a project, sometimes you just need to stitch with black thread on white fabric!

A few more rows stitched....

 I am really enjoying the process of documenting 'the making of a quilt,' I have taken inspiration from hand stitched pieces and am also documenting tactile surfaces and hand stitched pieces- up close!
Its a bit time consuming, its eating into my stitching time, but I am enjoying the learning of the camera and its ways! also learning about cropping, and photo editing, also Photography for Social media- which is the on line course I am participating in. 
At the end I am hoping it will improve the quality but also the quantity of stitching pictures on my social media- Instagram and facebook and this blog.
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  1. Love the black thread on white.

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  3. Ooops. Second try. Enjoying your journey Jane.