Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Documenting Making a Quilt

This week I am starting week 6 of the UTas course I am doing- Photography and Social Media.

The task description is to develop a visual theme, how to tell a story through images.
I have thought hard about his, making textile art is a big part of my life, I have all the items I need to document this project. I have been inspired by one of my tutors with her images of circles worldwide and also my husband with his pictures of Sewer Drain covers, but those are their stories, I need to tell my own story.

And I do  have a story to tell. 

The story of Making a Quilt.

My plan is to document photographically The Making of a Quilt.
Hopefully this will ensure I blog more frequently and may also encourage me to take more pictures to document my progress.
The camera is a Fujifilm X20.

I am participating in a challenge for AMQA, the fabric and size is predetermined (up to 100 cm square), the theme is Celebration. hmmm many reasons to celebrate. 
Today I started with the fabric and some random thoughts about celebration.
I have had a few ideas, while lying quietly having a massage I came upon the idea of a bunch of flowers to celebrate an occasion. It has just been Mother's Day, what a good thing to celebrate- I am a midwife- it is mothers day everyday where I work!
So it will be a bunch of fun flowers with a funky twist.
  The first background, hmmm, needs some life put in it.
 The fabric, on my cutting board, moving the fabric to have the orange on top makes an improvement, the blue does stand out, it s part of what is required so I cannot delete it.
 Adding the rotary cutter to the mix, cropped a little.
 The first raw sketch of the plan, made quickly but with good intent, using the only paper available in the car wash! Using the fabric for inspiration.

Ironing the fusible webbing to the back of the fabric,a  big part of fusible applique.

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  1. Looking forward to following your progress