Thursday, April 7, 2016

My life is busy, planning projects, working on them, starting new ones! doing a social media photography course- which is a steep learning curve.
So many things to do, now another challenge..... here it is, well up to day 6, I am bout to start day 7 project piece.

Broadstrokes April challenge- facilitated by Kathryn

What to do? A big dilemma

OPTIONS- drawing/ sewing/ something else….stitching is my thing.

I have lots of scraps and some large projects underway
The scraps are the answer to the problem, pieces smaller than my hand.

I found a brown piece of ugly fabric and cut it into equal squares of about 5 ¼ inches
The other pile of scraps was used for stitching on top of the base of ugly brown

 day 1.   basic wonky log cabin- the centre is not right, hmmm, maybe this is not what I am meant to be doing

day 2.   strips including selvedge (what else do you do with selvedge, especially ones with fun colours and text?) making progress and thinking about what I really want to do

day 3.   now this is good! Strips, with ragged torn edges, a little architectural in style

day 4.   regal purple background with 2 yellow strips. Experimenting with simple and straight and colour combinations, straight stitching

day 5.   yellow background, some slightly curved blue batiks. Simple. Striking.

day 6.   pale green background, a repurposed fabric, red strips from binding of Relay for Life quilt, on an angle crossed in one corner. I am enjoying the creativity of this project. Simplicity. Colour. Using scraps almost at random.
Mostly trying to use 2 colours only now. One background and one feature colour. Also have started the Tas uni course- photography for social media- so have started to put a picture a day on Instagram. Playing with apps and thinking about photo distortion and repetition etc
Look out for more to come as I work my way through the month and be inspired by small pieces!

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