Tuesday, June 17, 2014


At the moment I am juggling work- paid work that is- and quilting- which, while unpaid financially is extremely rewarding and has a much needed feel good quality abut it, is taking a lot of time 
there is so much to be done
I work best to a deadline 
shame  the deadline is closing in soon......
I am inspired and it is making the designing and quilting so much easier, no more night shifts for a week or 2 which makes life easier too
Off to Hobart for a few days soon to visit my mother and a birthday party for an old friend. Shame most of my quilting is machine work, might have to resort to some relaxing knitting while I am away.
 Some blocks waiting for trimming
 the cast offs, not wasting a drop of fabric!
 the design wall
 The latest project, a sheep on the back
and a sheep on the front, soon to be posted to its recipient

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