Monday, June 23, 2014

A project published

I have had another project published this week, its in Love Sewing Australia, by the same publisher as Down Under Quilts. Its a cosy knee size quilt. I had this lovely large print fabric, that needed a snowball block design to show off the large flowers. It works well. I had enough leftover corner cut offs to make 2 generous cushions.

new issue

 Drawing of the block layout by my clever daughter.
Some small templates for another quilt, its a challenge piece, and needs some small  3 inch orange peels! hmmm maybe they are a bit fiddly....
I have been madly trying to get some quilts finished  for the August deadline for Queensland  Quilters exhibition, it will be a close shave but I think I will do it, some thread winging its way to me from Superior Treads and some fabric delivered today helping me get to the finish line.
Oh and more of that paid work stuff to get in the way of my true creative genius.....

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  1. Well done Jane - Quilt looks lovely. Interesting challenge with those templates. I know you will make the deadline.