Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dreaming and planning

Lying in my bed under my colourful quilt, loving the quilting and colour..... dreaming and making plans for the next few quilts.
So much to do and so little time. Quilt show deadline is looming.
Really this work for wages is good and does pay the bills but it does eat into my creative time! especially night shift, but it does give me good dreaming time.....
This is the quilt in the machine at the moment, I am loving the Bernina 820 now that I have the tension troubles sorted out, thanks to another quilter who suggested some ideas, wonderful to have it stitching so well, and loving the wider arm space.

 This is the next quilt- needs to be circles and applique to fit the criteria laid down by my friend Kim- its a challenge and also the quilt show category, running to the last minute as usual, but my dreaming time and some innocent web surfing when I should have been asleep have helped me plan it.! Planning to start cutting tomorrow or Tuesday!

Detail of above mentioned quilt on our bed, fun feathers!
Also planning to attend some 60th birthday celebrations this year!

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  1. Cool, I've enjoyed your catch up and your busy life. Love this quilt!