Sunday, November 24, 2013

What to quilt?

I have several projects underway, all in different stages of construction.
Now I have finished the full time day work and am back to normal shift work, I am hoping to get a lot of work done!
Although Christmas is fast approaching- without warning I might add. I expect that I have to get some food organised and maybe a few gifts. Not much cooking for me this year as I am working in the morning 7 till 3:30 pm, so it will be a late lunch, as long as it is prepared the day before, lovely Peter will cook it all. Not that I can light he BBQ anyway.....
The first quilt pictured is  a "modern quilt" needing to be quilted, a little different to my normal quilting but then some is the same. A lot of negative space and a lot of ideas, but what to do? One suggestion would be to leave the pins in and bind it!
 This is my  "Counting by the Ocean' quilt that is a project in the new Down Under Quilts magazine. I made one for a friends baby a few years ago, this is a copy, and I am proud to see it published.

 When I was in Hobart a few weeks ago, mum and I went to the Botanic gardens, always a treat, I have many fond memories of walking and picnicking there when we lived in Hobart. The gift shop had these gardening gloves, however they are perfect for machine quilting- so I got 2 pairs! Just the right colours.

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