Friday, November 1, 2013

Retarding my creativity

OK, this full time work is Ok, no night duty or late nights at work, however it is time consuming, AND every day, and it is retarding my creativity.

I have allocated meal cooking nights to the children, and gone out on  a few other nights.
I have been madly piecing a Modern quilt- that is I have started a new project even thought I have many waiting to be finished, however my passion is for this particular quilt - so it must be done.
No pictures yet, but maybe soon.
There are some other things that have been happening, a weekend at the beach, and tomorrow a quick trip to Hobart for a work reunion! 48 hours, carry on baggage of 7 kg- why is the bag so heavy. I am reading  a meditation book and also 'The War of Art' by Steve Pressfield- a good read so far, 2 x 3 hour flights and I am hoping to be well on the way with both books- unless I fall asleep along the way!

Happy quilting or even just living- have just seen About Time at the cinema- just wonderful, great soundtrack- lots of laughter and some tears, a great watch.

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