Sunday, October 20, 2013

painting a bird

Yesterday I met my friend Kim from Hobart, fortuitously she was here quilt show weekend. Off we went after some inventive last minute driving round an improvised tourist route!
We did some heavy duty shopping in the end. Quilting patterns for her, fabric for a dual challenge, and a new light for me and some books.
Lots of lovely quilts to look at, some great fabric, but in the end we were very restrained!
We did do a short fabric painting class with Judy Coates-Perez. Mm I have not really had a huge success and do have a small stash of paints. In the end I was quite impressed with my little bird, I learnt that there is a product called paint extender, not to be confused with seafood extender..... It made the shading so much easier and the paint more manageable! So watch this space, when I have cleaned my room I might have another go at it- even if its to use up my paints. He does have a funny blob on his head, but that will be quilted over.
Off again today to do some demo work at the art quilt table, then its the big pack up. And home to work on next years quilts.
Cute bird, pattern by Judy Coates-Perez

Fabric for new challenge, I have lots of quilt challenges for the next few months to keep me out of trouble and off the streets!


  1. Love your bird Jane - it was so much fun being in the workshop!

  2. Bird looks great to me - such talent!!!!