Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to not finish a quilt!

I have been crazily trying to get some quilts finished before a big holiday overseas, the quilt guild new guidelines say that the entry form must have  a picture of at least one finished corner- they have had problems with wrong sized quilted being entered! - the quilt magically changes sizes between the entry and the delivery of the quilt.
I have been guilty of sending a picture of a blank new unquilted / unstitched metre of fabric- and then quilted it, the size didn't differ, but boy were they confused!
So its head down and into the stitching, I have changed my mind a few times, but now have 3 or 4 quilts that will be ready. Luckily they have a small quilt category!

One quilt will have to wait til I get back, it is a wedding quilt and the wedding is not till next year, so its not on a strict deadline for this year, although it does fit the theme for the quilt show, but I am not fussed now.
 Ok, its  a little puckered, its a faced small quilt that needs a darn good press.
 Hanging sleeve half on, its a good idea to take them off bed quilts and reuse them for exhibition quilts. Bed quilts do not need hangers.
 Yes, well, this is the top, batting and backing ready to put together and quilt, I do have some days off next week set aside to do this.
Almost ready to bind.
See I am moving along, some pieces more advanced than others.....

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