Monday, June 10, 2013

A change of pace

 My latest quilt, in the piecing stage at the moment, it will be a queen size master piece! I hope. Sashings done and 1/4 of the big blocks, just got to clear the migraine and the mind and get to it. I am on a pretty tight deadline for the Queensland Quilters quilt show this year, and have several other things on the go as well - just to keep me honest.

 This is a corner of a quilt I  have quilted for Judi, of River City Sewing Machines, it is a charity quilt. I really enjoyed quilting it as the colours are particularly pleasing, my daughters bedroom features this green and purple.
These books are Fast Back- which means you have a week to read them, a little foolish to take 2 at once, but I really enjoyed reading them, actually I really enjoy reading, but have the thought in my head that a book must be started then finished in almost one sitting! makes it hard to get on with stuff like dinner and work etc. But it is a mark of a good book when you can't put it down.
The Beloved is by a Brisbane author, and won a premiers prize.

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  1. Love the colours for your masterpiece Jane - Stars?? Looks as though you had fun with the quilting on Judi's quilt. I have been busy practising - just need to make up a small quilt top to put my new skills to use.